Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

How to prepare yourself for working in the video game industry, and how to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Tens of thousands of gamers want to make a living working in the video game industry. But there are not many jobs available, and it's a lot harder than playing games or getting ideas. There are entire books published about "breaking into" the game industry.

In this course you'll get the essence of what you need to know in a couple hours.

  • You’ll learn how the industry works and what kinds of jobs are available
  • You’ll learn what you need to do to prepare for working in the video game industry
  • You'll learn how to acquire the skills you need
  • You’ll learn how to make contacts and differentiate yourself from the hordes who want jobs in the industry
  • And you'll learn what's NOT important

Intended audience: People who do not work in the game industry, but want to.

Course requirements: No special requirements other than an open mind.

There are no discounts for this class, or any others on this site. I am actually more likely to raise prices than to offer discounts, because discounts can be disrespectful to people who pay the full price. These classes are already much lower priced than the same classes on Udemy.

This course has run on for 20-some people, but it is considerably more expensive than here.

Student comment from the exit survey:

"I'm making sure I know the basics around the industry and what is required so that I don't make a foolhardy decision to jump into something too quickly and in an unprepared way. For others in the same position, this is valuable preliminary information in one place from an authority, rather than searching around online for the information in bits and pieces from different sources (which is fine, too, as well as free, but takes a bit more time and discernment). Thanks!"

Your Instructor

Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
Dr. Lewis Pulsipher

Dr. Lewis Pulsipher (Wikipedia: "Lewis Pulsipher"; "Britannia (board game)"; "Archomental" ) is the designer of half a dozen commercially published boardgames. His game "Britannia" is described in an Armchair General review "as one of the great titles in the world of games." Britannia was also one of the 100 games highlighted in the book "Hobby Games: the 100 Best". He has over 17,000 classroom hours of teaching experience including teaching video game design and production, and over 20 years of part-time graduate teaching experience.

His book "Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish" (McFarland) focuses on practical advice for beginning game designers, about how you actually create and complete game designs. Three more books about game design are in progress. He also contributed to the books "Tabletop: Analog Game Design," "Hobby Games: the 100 Best," "Family Games: the 100 Best." His game design blog has been active since 2004, and he is a contributor and "expert blogger" on, the #1 site for professional video game developers.

His latest published game is the 2011 reissue with additions of "Dragon Rage," originally published in 1982. Three new versions of Britannia, including a 90-120 minute version and a diceless version, are forthcoming

Lew has a Ph.D. in military and diplomatic history from Duke University, from ancient days when degrees in media, computer networking, or game design did not exist--nor did IBM PCs. In 2012 he was a speaker at the East Coast Game Conference, PrezCon, Origins Game Fair, and World Boardgaming Championships. Long ago he was contributing editor for White Dwarf and Dragon magazines, and publisher of various game fanzines.

Game design blog: and
Teach game design blog:
"Expert blogger", Gamasutra:
former contributing editor, White Dwarf, Dragon, Space Gamer, etc.
former publisher, Supernova, Blood and Iron, Sweep of History, etc.

"Always do right--this will gratify some and astonish the rest." --Mark Twain

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